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Cookin' Up A Storm

27 September 1967
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Since my other journal is dead (I forgot the password and no longer live that life anyway) I have started this new one!
ancient history, anti-consumerism, antique cars, antiques, architecture, art culinaire, b&w movies, baking bread, birmingham, black and white movies, blue feather, bohemian living, bon appetit, brewing, bullshit!, cajun cooking, calligraphy, casket, castles, catering, cemetaries, cemeteries, chattanooga, cheese, chef, chivalry, chocolate, cigars, coaches, cookbooks, cooking, costuming, cuisine preservation, culinary artistry, culinary arts, dining, doctor who, draco malfoy, dracula, duck fat, edgar allen poe, entree, fine dining, fish, foie gras, food arts, french quarter, gaming, garb, gardening, gargoyles, gothic, gothic culture, gourmet dining, green living, halloween, handmade paper, harry potter, harry potter slash, haunted houses, heirloom food, heraldry, herbalism, herbs, history, homebrewing, horror, houdini, howard thurston, illumination, kitchen, knights, labyrinths, local eating, local organic produce, magic, manuscripts, mario batali, masquerade, mead, medieval, meditation, mentalism, meridies, monasticism, mysteries, new orleans, old books, old houses, organic gardening, paganism, pagans, paranormal, peace, performing arts, post-technology living, psychic phenomena, puns, recipes, regional food, restaurants, ritual, sauces, sca, scotland, seance, self sufficiency, sewing, sherlock holmes, sideshow, silent movies, simple living, skeletons, skulls, slow food, spices, spooky, square foot gardening, star trek, steam punk, straw bale construction, suburban homesteading, swords, tarot, tennessee, the haunted mansion, tuxedos, underground economy, unitarian universalism, urban homesteading, vegan, vegetables, vegetarian, victorian, voluntary simplicity, waistcoats, wicca, wild game, wine, wrought iron